Ways to Blend Eco-Consciousness with Business Best Practices


Becoming a business owner is a dream for many people, but combining that drive with care for the environment can present a challenge. Thinking about ways to jump-start your ecopreneur adventure? Find inspiration in these resources from San Angelo Studios.

Explore New Paths

Inventory your talents, then look at ways you can indulge your passions while helping the environment in your career.

Use Less (and Make More)

Service-based businesses are an excellent ecopreneurship option because you don’t need a ton of supplies to get started. Plus, an online startup could involve fewer costs than an in-person business.

  • Consider a digital business that’s online-only to reduce material use and waste.
  • Design and sell digital products in your free time for a virtual business that uses fewer resources.
  • Conduct business from a coworking space like San Angelo Studios, which allows you to share supplies and square footage. This arrangement promotes usage of lesser land and space by helping different companies to work under the same roof and in the same space. Only one office building is being powered instead of several, thus reducing the carbon footprint.

Green Up Your Business Idea

Do you have an amazing business idea but aren’t sure about pursuing it because of environmental concerns? Think about ways to green up your great idea.

  • Use an online portal through which customers can submit payments or make purchases (no trees harmed in the process). Set your POS system up with an integrated bank account verification API to safely authenticate customer bank accounts so that you and they have peace of mind when it comes to safe transactions.
  • Use digital tracking tools for business needs (and nix receipts).
  • Adopt recycling and composting habits (even at your office or headquarters).

No matter what your interests, you can find cleaner, greener ways to indulge your business ownership dreams. Ecopreneurship combines two amazing endeavors: growing your own company from the ground up, and helping the planet continue to grow healthier.

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