4 Cities Perfectly Suited for Digital Nomads


With the advent of cloud computing and digital technologies, solopreneurs with a taste for adventure have transformed their way of living and working to become what’s commonly referred to as digital nomads. Have you also considered that lifestyle for yourself? Before you pack up your bags, there are things to consider when selecting a city to move to, such as cost of living, internet access, and available amenities. And here are four options that make great destinations for small business owners:


Seattle, Washington

Located on Elliott Bay, with access to the Pacific Ocean, Seattle has been voted the number one US city for remote workers and digital nomads. Not only does it offer spectacular landscapes and plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature, but it’s also home to several major corporations, which could give you an advantage when it comes to building business connections for your small venture. And with a variety of rental opportunities ranging from studio apartments to luxury condos, you’re sure to find a place that fits your lifestyle and budget in the Emerald City.        


San Angelo, Texas

Being a solopreneur doesn’t mean you should forgo the company of other humans and spend all your time in your home office. But if your work requires a certain level of privacy and security, working in a crowded coffee shop or in a library with free unsecured wifi could put your or your clients’ personal information at risk. Thankfully, some cities like San Angelo in the State of Texas offer the capability of working in communal spaces specifically designed for digital nomads. Becoming a member gives you access to high-speed internet, meeting rooms so you can engage with clients in real life, and other perks like community and networking events. And with an average monthly rent much lower than the national average, it’s an attractive city for entrepreneurs striving to keep their cost of living affordable.


Nashville, Tennessee

Music lovers will feel right at home in Nashville, Tennessee. With an average rental rate at $1,570 a month, it also boasts great restaurants and shopping, so you’ll always have something fun to do when you take a break from work. And while you’re out socializing in your new city, you may even meet your next client or customer! That’s why you should make sure you always carry something tangible to give people, which will help them remember you later. For example, this site could be helpful if you want to create an eye-catching business card bearing your contact information along with a well-thought-out logo that will increase brand recognition.


Charlotte, North Carolina

An up-and-coming, family-friendly city with plenty of parks and opportunities to enjoy recreational activities, Charlotte boasts a mild climate for most of the year. And since it’s home to the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, you can easily hop on a plane and travel to fun and exciting destinations whenever the mood strikes. If you’re just starting out as a solopreneur and want to make Charlotte your home base, form an LLC using an online formation service, and appoint a registered agent to be your legal business representative, so you can be free to go on your next adventure while you run your company.      

If you love exploring new cities, becoming a digital nomad can give you the freedom to work and play wherever your travels take you. Think about structuring your small business as an LLC to ensure your personal assets are protected and look for places with great internet connection and plenty of opportunities for networking. You’ll see your business soar while living out your dream!

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